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Scotland's North Sea Hub  

Nestling in a sheltered haven on the River South Esk, within a mile of open sea, the thriving port of Montrose offers a cost-effective alternative for vessels using Scotland's East Coast.

Excellent road and rail links provide Montrose with speedy access to the heartland of Scotland and the main arteries in all directions.

Developed on both the north and south banks of the river, the port offers around 1000 metres of quayside, equipped to deal with a broad variety of commercial and oil related cargoes. Extensive storage facilities comprise both open ground for general storage or fabrication and repair work, and warehousing for long-term use or as transit sheds. High standard office accommodation and engineering workshops are also in close proximity to the quayside.

The secret of the port's success lies in its approach to customers. Attentive individual service, competitive pricing, fast efficient loading and unloading ensure that users return to Montrose time and again.

The port has an interesting history which can be traced back to the 12th century. Recent years have witnessed substantial development, mainly as a result of the advent of North Sea oil. The port was one of the first to develop a special oil support base to cater for the needs of the offshore industry.

Montrose has built a reputation as a perfect centre for international trade and distribution throughout Scotland and Northern England.


The flexibility of berths and stevedoring on all quays has allowed Montrose to establish substantial trade in paper, forest products, aggregates, grain, scrap metal, animal feed, malting barley, cement, fertiliser, mooring chain and other oil related products. The port also handles most of the pulp imported into Scotland.

Spacious quays, extensive storage and modern cargo handling facilities ensure swift and trouble-free turnaround, cutting costs as well as time. Conversion of warehousing has given an additional 9,000 tonne store on the South Quay and an additional 10,000 tonnes store on the North Quay.

The Port Authority's management team is dedicated to anticipating and satisfying the requirements of port users. For those seeking friendly attention, quick response and cost effectiveness, Montrose is the natural choice.

Security is given high priority with 24-hr CCTV cover. Both quays are completely fenced around their boundaries.

Support Services

Full support services - including stevedoring, cargo handling, shipping agents - are located quayside. The Port Authority works closely with all these companies and agencies to make certain that customers receive a warm welcome and an efficient cost effective service.

The Port Authority is responsible for the development of the offshore supply base and has successfully combined both commercial and offshore operations giving greater flexibility to all its customers.

A good relationship between the port and its customers in the paper, timber, pulp and fertiliser trade has built up and the port now handles a major share of the pulp imported into Scotland. Reasons for this being the flexibility of berths and stevedoring on all quays in the port.

Paper and timber products go directly from 'ship to shed'. Vessels up to 150m (or larger by arrangement with harbourmaster) can be accommodated. Import and export of grain and other agricultural products are handled with efficiency. Covered storage for other products at the quayside is in excess of 375,000 square feet. Countries importing into Montrose include Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Portugal, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Germany, Canada, USA and South America. Principal imports include malting barley, fertiliser, pulp and feed stuffs. Principal exports include potatoes, scrap metal, grain and other agricultural products.

The port can handle almost any type of cargo available with the minimum of delay.

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