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The port of Montrose is the largest pulp handling port in Scotland and one of the largest in the UK. Its prime location, midway between Scotland's main papermaking centres of Aberdeen and Fife, make it the obvious destination for pulp producers shipping their products from North and South America, Scandinavia, Spain, Portugal and France.

Montrose's expertise in the handling of pulp is second to none built up over many years of handling the product landed at the port. A modern fleet of handling equipment with clamp attachments take care of the physical handling of the pulp blocks. Craneage with a comprehensive range of lifting capacities is also available.

Equally important is the availability of extensive storage facilities. Over 375,000 square feet of warehouse space on the Montrose docks provides the shelter essential for safe storage of pulp.

Transport for distribution of pulp is readily available on site through local transport companies. There is a regular distribution service to all parts of Scotland and England.

All this adds up to efficient service, assuring customers of a fast turn round, helping to minimise cost.


The Port of Montrose has been involved in the export of forestry products for many years. This flourishing trade embraces the export of timber rounds, originating in the well-stocked woodlands and forests of the North East of Scotland, and generally bound for the pulp mills of Sweden.

Forest products are handled on all quays. Computerised weighbridges ensure accurate and fast weighing and recording of loads. This greatly facilitates the smooth flow of vehicles through the docks, resulting in reduced transit time and costs.

Mobile cranes with a wide range of lifting capabilities are used in conjunction with forklift trucks to move the cargo. Transport for the longer distance delivery of timber is available on site or through local haulage contractors.


The Port of Montrose has excellent facilities for the handling of a wide range of dry bulk commodities for export and import. Malting barley, feed barley, oats, rapeseed and wheat - grown in the rich agricultural hinterland of East Coast of Scotland - are exported to destinations around the world.

The volume of grain which can be accommodated has dramatically increased.

Grain is handled on both the north and south quays, where computerised weighbridges ensure accurate recording of weights and instant calculation of tonnage charges, facilitating fast throughput of vehicles.

Cargo handling for discharge is by means of mobile cranes and grain elevators with loading capabilities of up to 400 tonnes per hour. Transport for movement of grain is readily available on site or through local companies. Local firms provide complete agency, stevedoring and haulage services. With substantial tonnages of grain moving through the Port, there is considerable expertise in grain handling.


Montrose Port Authority is a major importer of ingredients for blending fertiliser and for exporting blended product. Two major importers have invested heavily in increasing blending capacity on sites adjacent to the port.

Bulk Storage

There are substantial, accessible bulk storage facilities for all commodities on the quayside and immediate hinterland.

The Port Authority attributes its success to the individual service and attention offered to its customers, coupled with competitive pricing, fast and efficient loading and unloading and a flexible outlook, ensuring that customers return time and again.

A good relationship prevails amongst the Port and its customers in the paper, timber pulp and fertiliser trades.

The port can handle almost any type of cargo with the minimum of delay.

Scrap metal and pipes

Significant quantities of imports of scrap metal and pipes are shipped to a processing plant that is based in Montrose. The processed product is then exported by ship.

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