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Deepwater berths and offshore support  

Montrose is constantly investing in new facilities and enhancements to the port and its storage infrastructure. In 2011, the fruits of the largest investment to date has seen two deepwater berths open for business. These berths have been specifically designed to cater for the needs of larger vessels, particularly for the offshore and renewable energy sectors.

Located on the south quay, they offer flexibility for all types of vessels with a minimum water depth of eight metres, which comfortably supplements facilities for lay-by berthing on the north quay for a variety of purposes.
Decommissioning facilities are able to utilise these and other berths with local contractors able to dismantle on quayside areas. Each berth is constructed to facilitate the loading and unloading of heavy cargoes safely. The design allows for equipment or other cargoes to be lifted using tandem or multiple lifts where required. The berths have been fitted with external and internal storage facilities.|

On the north side of the harbour, we have just completed a major £6m quay upgrade that further enhances our capacity to handle larger cargo and oil and gas ships. 

The upgrade of berths six and seven provides deeper water for berthing than before (8m) with the 260m facility also offering much greater quayside operational working space.

Offshore Support and Construction

The South Quay of the Port was custom built in 1974 to meet the demands of the offshore industry. Until 1986 it was solely used as an offshore support facility but now caters for both commercial and oil related shipping.

Facilities available include engineering workshops, open storage, fabrication yards, office accommodation, warehousing and silo pads.

A wide range of companies have used the facilities on South Quay, including Shell, Hamilton Brothers, Brown & Root, Marathon, Total, Amoco, Britoil, Chevron, Coflexip, Drexel, Merpro, Monsanto, Mobil, Norsea, Occidental, Ranger, Texaco, BP, Viking Marine, GE Oil & Gas, Transocean and Schlumberger.

Projects undertaken during this time include the hook-ups of the MCPO1 (Total) Brent 'C' (Shell) and the Fulmar 'A' (Shell) and the fabrication and load outs of offshore accommodation modules including the load out of a 615 tonne two-storey module with heli-deck for Arco's Thames project.

Other projects handled on the South Quay include pipe laying support, the servicing, fabrication and load out of risers, pipe spools, jointing testing and load out of umbilicals, mobilising/de-mobilising of vessels, mooring chain handling and other general offshore shipping operations.

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