Montrose Port Authority Certification of Port Marine Safety Code

Port Marine Safety Code: Statement of Compliance 2021–2024

This letter is provided on behalf of Montrose Port Authority as confirmation of our compliance in meeting the requirements and standards under the Port Marine Safety Code.

The port has developed a Marine Safety Management System and Safety Plan based on formal risk assessments demonstrating our commitment to marine safety and ensuring the safety of all key stakeholders, the wider public and the environment.  The management system is subjected to regular internal and external audits as part of a programme of continuous improvement, identifying areas of weakness and strength.

An independent Designated Person has direct access to the Duty Holder through a competent Member of the Board.

We are assured, therefore, that Montrose Port Authority complies with the Port Marine Safety Code.

Signed by Peter Stuart, Chairperson of the Board and Captain Tom Hutchison, Chief Executive Officer/Harbour Master.