Charting the uncharted

Introducing shore power

As the first port in Scotland to offer shore power to offshore energy supply vessels, we are leading the way for the Scottish ports sector in reducing emissions and promoting sustainable maritime practices.
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Welcome to Montrose

Trusted by the biggest names in the energy, transport and logistics industries, we pride ourselves on being the link in the chain you can always rely on. With strong transport connections and responsive, flexible operations, Montrose Port is your gateway to the North Sea.

About Montrose Port

Who Uses Montrose Port?

As one of the largest Chain and Anchor ports globally and with the world’s largest chain inspection companies, InterMoor and First Marine Solutions, calling us home, Montrose Port is strategically placed to work with supply vessels servicing wind farms, oil rigs and other destinations in the North Sea and far beyond.
We have long been trusted by some of the biggest names in the oil and gas industry as well as the renewables sector, supporting the different stages of their ventures from operations and maintenance to decommissioning.
Port Keyfacts

Energy Customers

Oil & Gas

Our experienced team and network of onsite partners and local suppliers can facilitate a comprehensive variety of oil and gas requirements. We offer a number of advantages such as quicker turnaround times, impressive cost savings, less downtime, as well as tailored and streamlined operations due to our flexible and agile manner of working.
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With our unrivalled location and direct line of access to North Sea Wind Farms, Montrose is fast becoming the central operations and maintenance hub for renewable projects on the East Coast of Scotland.
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Montrose Port’s high standards of safety and ideal location puts us at the forefront for decommissioning projects in the North Sea which is why it is the first choice for leading names in the industry.
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General Cargo

Shipping & Logistics
A wide range of cargo passes through Montrose Port and is handled by our experienced stevedores. We have the ability to handle almost all cargo types and currently have a thriving trade in forest products, dry bulk, agribulk, break bulk, unitised and offshore oil materials.

Cruise Ships

Welcome to Your Expedition
Montrose Port is ideally located for cruise ship passengers who want to visit the stunning scenery of Angus and Aberdeenshire. This part of Scotland is particularly appealing to those who want to get off the beaten track and discover some of the hidden jewels of the North East.

Property Leasing

Onshore Customers
Montrose Port Authority has a portfolio of residential and commercial property available for lease. We can provide office space, warehousing premises, and outdoor space for general use; with variable contract terms depending on your requirements.

What goes on at the port?


Seagreen & Montrose Port

Creating Scotland's largest wind farm
Seagreen has selected Montrose Port as the home for their operations base, which will include an operations building, warehouse, communications tower and pontoon for crew transfer vessels.
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Inch Cape & Montrose Port

Scotland’s Future Largest Single Source of Renewable Power
Inch Cape Limited selected Montrose Port Authority as its operations and maintenance hub for its offshore wind farm in February 2022. This project will see up to 72 turbines located 15km off the Angus Coast.
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Opportunities in the maritime industry

View and apply for career opportunities at Montrose Port Authority and across of maritime network.


Our Community

Stories from the port and the local area
At the heart of Montrose, success at the Port has a knock on effect for the town and surrounding areas and the benefits are also felt the other way round too.

Quayside Services

Our partners at the port

We work with a number of third-party organisations to keep our customers moving and the port running efficiently. Learn more about what we offer for our customers at the Port.

More about Montrose Port

Your gateway to the north sea
As one of a number of Trust Ports across Scotland, all profits we make are reinvested back into the Port meaning we can make continuous upgrades to our infrastructure and facilities while keeping our rates competitive for our customers.
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