Port Tariff 2024

Port Charges on Vessels

Montrose Port Authority in accordance with the Acts of Parliament, apply the undermentioned charges on Ships and Goods entering and leaving the port.

Charges will be based on Gross Tonnage (GT) measured in accordance with the International Tonnage Convention 1969. Exceptions to this are shown below.

In determining charges, a fraction of a tonne over 0.5 shall be calculated as one tonne.

Part Cargo dues, by request, provided on vessel arrival and only applicable to 49% or less cargo discharged in the port of Montrose.

A manifest detailing items loaded and discharged by a vessel must be provided within three working days of the vessel’s departure.

Value Added Tax (VAT) chargeable as appropriate.

Montrose Port Authority reserve the right to request vessels move to anchor once loading / unloading operations are completed to accommodate berthing requirements.

A copy of Montrose Port Authority’s terms and conditions can be accessed here:


Vessel Charges

Ship dues are payable per week or part thereof during which the vessel is in the harbour.

Tonnage rate per GT
Vessels engaged in cruise – tonnage rate per GT
Crew Transfer Vessels engaged in offshore wind
Guard Vessels engaged in offshore wind
Survey vessels
Charges per inbound or outbound act – per GT
Minimum charge
Any other engagement of a pilot, including detention, per hour or part thereof
Pilotage on vessel movements inbound or outbound when in possession of a Pilot Exemption Certificate (PEC)

Two hours’ notice is required for sailing, cancellation within this period will result in an additional pilotage charge of 50% of the appropriate rate.

An additional charge of 50% will be levied in the respect of a shift of berth not at the Harbour Master’s request.

Pilotage shall be compulsory for vessels exceeding 40m LOA in length.

Mooring and Un-mooring
Per Man
During normal hours (0800 hrs – 1700 hrs Monday to Friday)
Out with normal hours (all other hours)
Waste Disposal

Under the Port Waste Reception Facilities Regulations 2003 a charge will be made on each vessel.

Per vessel per 7 days
Fresh Water Charges
Provision of fresh water per tonne or part thereof
Minimum charge

Subject to £95.00 per hour per man call out charge out of normal hours

Trawlers and Fishing Vessels
Per vessel, per 7 days – per GT
Minimum charge
Laid up dues, per week or part thereof

Vessels laid up in port pay an additional charge, per week or part thereof after the first 7 days.

Per tonne or part thereof
Goods Dues
Per Tonne
Animal Feed
Bulk Minerals & Aggregates
Chemicals & Fertilisers
Concrete Mattresses
Decommissioning Equipment & Materials
Foodstuffs, Cereals, Vegetables & Fruit
Gas Oil & Bunker Fuels
Manufactured Goods
Metals, including scrap metal
Offshore Related Equipment, including Chain & Anchor
Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF)
Timber & Paper
Fresh Fish – direct from sea
Ad valorem 2.5% of first sale value
Passengers (cruise and walk to work)
£1.56 per PAX
Containers – Full / part
£41.20 per TEU
Containers – Empty
£14.36 per TEU

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